Our School

Leeman Primary School is located in a delightful coastal setting which, along with the lush, well maintained school grounds, provides a attractive environment for learning. The warm, family type atmosphere allows positive relationships to be built among its students, community and dedicated staff.

The school usually runs three multi age classrooms which cater for our early childhood. junior and senior students. Educational Assistants provide extra support for SAER and students with special needs. Overall, the school is very well resourced and teachers and students enjoy working in large classrooms well endowed with computing and electronic learning equipment and other materials.

There is a strong, whole school focus on Literacy and Numeracy as well as a Behaviour Management system developed around values. Crunch and Sip' is well established in the school and there is a focus on Healthy Living.

The school draws its population from Leeman and Green Head, two neighbouring towns. These small coastal towns that are 15 kilometres apart and owe their origins to the crayfish industry, though more recently, a number of families have been employed by Iluka, a mining company based at Eneabba 38km to the east. The population is fairly transient due to the nature of the fishing and mining industries. On leaving Leeman or Green Head, families often comment on the wonderful experience their children have had at Leeman Primary School.

Staff and students at Leeman Primary believe it is a wonderful place in which to work and learn!


Leeman Primary School, Leeman, WA http://www.leemanps.wa.edu.au